September 19, 2019

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Building a Case After an Auto Accident

Unfortunately many of us will be involved in an auto accident during our lifetimes. In Canada, and many other parts of the world, car crashes are still a leading cause of death and injury. If you've been in an accident, it's important that you … [Read more...]

External Factors Influencing Your Auto Insurance Claims

Car accidents are stressful enough. Dealing with the nitty gritty of self-care, lost income and vehicle maintenance can be a weight that you have to carry around for some time. And to make the process more stressful, you often have to go through the … [Read more...]

New Study Suggests Connection Between Brain Injuries and Rates of Incarceration

A study recently published in the CMAJ Open journal shows that people who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are 2.5 times more likely to be incarcerated than those who have not. Details of the Study The study observed 1.41 million … [Read more...]