September 19, 2019

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About Us was created to serve as a legal resource for consumers and businesses in Toronto and all of Ontario, and as a publishing resource for law firms in Toronto. Our goal is to give Toronto individuals and businesses (as well as people doing business in Toronto) access to excellent law firms in Toronto and informative articles by Toronto attorneys.

This web site will list only up to five law firms for each practice area. Law firms listed here are permitted to post profiles with information about their expertise, experience, and the legal services they offer, as well as contact information, so that the consumers and businesses seeking to retain a Toronto law firm can learn more about them and how to reach them.

This website is part of the And Justice For All international law firm publishing network.  And Justice For All was founded based on a strong sense of social responsibility with the intention of giving back. In keeping with that mission, 10% of all our profits across our global network are donated to charity distributed evenly to organizations committed to protecting animals and the environment, as well as charities supporting people in need.